Creating a Gender Equal Future.

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Let’s ditch the binary, the codes, the roles, the rules, the expectations, the ‘boys don’t cry’, ‘sit like a girl’, ‘act like a lady’, crap. Let’s shake it down, let’s mix things up, let’s send girls to Mars, let’s turn boys into the best dads they can be. Let gender not be the end(er) to potential and possibilities.


Here’s a small but significant step in this direction : MIXX


MIXX TEE / collection 01 'boys equal girls'


MIXX is here to start conversations around the idea of gender equality in urban settings. We aim to create products and experiences across a spectrum of elements – art, design, publication, fashion, film, school curriculums, even food.

If you have an idea and would like to collaborate with us, get in touch at




MIXX ZINE / call for entries

MIXX ZINE vol. 02

this edition of our zine is an inquisition of our ways of seeing masculine & feminine. an attempt to break the binary and move a step closer to equality.

... submission still open