MIXX Micro Stories

Only one apothecary in the world sells the rare liquid: clear, salty and out of production. "It's the tears of men and only ten vials remain," he said. "The rest will have to be mined from their hearts". #DontHoldBack

Who is superior: this man or this woman? Wisdom is profered and an elegant solution is offered. Put a case of champagne between them,  and send them on a weekend bender.  Because like Mr Cohen said, drunks have no gender.

Mr and Ms with their long necks, rousing and ready to be wringed, are sent to the butcher. All cut up and minced, they're packed into a new breed of sausage called Mx. #TastyNewProduct

Now a pool of water at the feet of the party, no one can remember whether the ice sculpture was modelled  after a man or a woman.

Don't pull this ribbon or it will all unravel - her braids, her dress, her pride, her secret. And tomorrow, she will have to go back to being him. 

MIXX Micro Stiries by KANIKA PARAB

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